Wednesday, July 4, 2012


A high quality PDF of the papercraft model of the LZ 100 series are now avaible for purchase for $5 US dollars.

please email me at for more information.

Thank You

-Professor Philander Grindley

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Disturbing news

*Code A encoding*

It would appear even the hacking skill of Henry's crew member Fredrick is unable to stay a float against the empires advances. It is cause of disturbing facts I have come across and recently confirmed with my own eyes why they push the silence of any news. 

The empire is siding with the demon kind. 

I do not lie. I saw this union. How deep it runs is still unknown to me but I intend to discover the truth. I will post soon of further news. 

And remember no power can ever silence truth.

*Message close*

*Protocol vine activate.*

Fall of the civilized world

*Message encoded*

Henry Here.
Must be quick for time is of the essence. My uncle has been unable to post due to the increase of government tracking of messages. And since he is of a stationary life it be not in his interest to risk in such endeavors. He sends his regards yet this war grows worse and worse. The battles tear up the skies and ravish cities. Even the might Capital of Anat falls in ruins from the war. Yet even the horrid nature of this war is no match to the onslaught of demons infesting the lands. I must say that...............shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Grave News

Hello to all,

I am afraid to say war has broken out between the Lydon and Ermonlin Empires and the appearance of portals are only getting more and more worst. Martial la has been been set in place as chaos begins to ensue. There may be some time of silence from me as I know Henry and his crew will now be unable to post anything through the airwaves even if encoded. Even I cannot send long messages.

Prof. Philander

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

New Portal

I would like to extend a warning to all in the northern region of Rinhorn. I believe this is where Henry and his crew came across the remains of the Buckley gang. I am finding activities of advanced demon life in the area. Me and Agent 0 are on the hunt of the beasts and on finding their entrance to this realm that I shall close. The portals are becoming more powerful and happening to fast for even me. I am afraid I will be over run without help. This is a call to all with power in them to rise up and join me against the demons before it is too late. Philander and his order will be the place of meeting. That it all.

Rampage of the skies

*Message encoded*

Henry here.
As we continued are travels more and more do we see evidence of demons among us. The ship of the Buckley gang was found crashes and devastated. The damage unlike anything of human doing. No signs of bullets or battle. We happened upon the downed vessel and sort out to investigate but it was more then the crew to bare and watch. Kenta being of stronger stomach and less empathy to humans continued on, his initial report was not good and he should return soon with full understanding of what is to be found. Either Him or I will return with the findings as soon as possible. Grave things are upon us.

*End Message*

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Origin of Demon Kin

The Seedurns you came across are known as Demon Kin, beings that have been infected or possessed by demonic aura. The intensity of the infection can vary but it they still acted wild and untamed in actions then it would be that it was a second hand infection or the demons are still to weak to materialize in this world.

As I have mentions before this worries me as this means the demon race known as the Lunarines are soon to invade this dimension. I am greatly bothered by this as it is many years too early for their return. My defense against their return as not as strong as anticipated. Hopefully this invasion can be repealed before it is too late.