Sunday, September 13, 2009

L.Z. 500 "Advent of the Aerial Destroyers"

Dear fellow Adventurers,

I am sorry for the delay in my posting of the final vessel of the L.Z. 100 series. I finally gathered my notes and images so that I may post them for you delight.

The L.Z. 500. It was considered a insane vessel when it first came out of the factories. No one thought it would even fly. It was a massive undertaking by the Lydon Army. With six standard cannons, one repeating cannon, and two of the new turret cannons it was a vessel armed to the teeth. As well it had armor plating to protect the gunners.

It did fly and it flew very well. It was as if someone took a fortress and had it float in the skies. However it was not completely a success in the battlefield. The L.Z. 500 was slow, very slow. It required a lot of support from neighboring vessels. the Lydon military was just not prepared for the new kind of strategy this airship required.

Of course this did not end ever expansion of large aerial destroyers. The in 1000 series(My fathers greatest and final military achievement.) the military was much better prepared and a new type of flying machine made it easier to defend the slow moving destroyers. This was the marvel known as the Fixed wing airship or for a better term the areoplane. But thanks to the L.Z. 500 the military and inventors were able to catch their follies in military might early.

Prof. Philander Grindley signing out.

P.S. I will now start my research on the areoplane. So see you in a few months.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Sorry for the lack of posting

My dear followers,

Sorry for the lack of posting. I was called away to a dig in my wife's old country in which a ancient Lylen ruin was discovered of a new source of energy of the legendary power known as essence. I was such a great find. IT is now to believed that small fragments of this stuff is spread all over the world. And I am very excited on finding new pockets of the essence ruin stones for help aid in the advancement of mankind.

As well I seem to be have technical difficulties with the aether net in my home and I am working on getting that back up soon so that a may continue. PLus my Classes at the college I am a professor at are soon to start up so postings should  slow down. I hope you will be patient and stay with me in this hectic time. Thank you very much.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Version 3: L.Z. 400

The L.Z. 400. After the Introduction to the battlefield of the skies of the L.Z. 300 "Fast attack" vessel it was seen the need for a longer distance vessel. It was short lived as the Battles between Lydon and Ermonlin Empires were mostly over open ocean and there was not much for landing sites for the 300 model.

Soon after both sides saw this need and added on the bottom of the 300 two balloons. they moved the engines out towards the wings of the balloons. It was dubbed the L.Z. 400. It was introduced into the battles that stared over the lands to the north. The first country to feel the pain of there ever struggle was Bu-gu-nan (Which is were my wife comes from.).

The battles continued over to the west to the small cluster of Northern Countries. Due to the threat of the imperial conquest the main countries Bu-gu-nan, Dai-chi-ya, Ulling, Yosai, Mongkuya, and Kunkin formed an alliance against the foreign threat. The war continued to spread further into the world. Which started to advent of larger more destructive vessel.

Prof. Philander Grindley signing out.

P.S. coming soon the LZ 500 "Advent of the Aerial Destroyers"

Monday, August 10, 2009

I thank you very much.

Thank you to for posting me on their site on the Aether tubes.
Link to the posting [here].

Prof. Philander Grindley signing out.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Ready to Build

Hello Dear Adventurers,

The plans for the L.Z. 100 series are now available for you who wish to build. As well instructions on how to build.

Just go to the links on wonderments. Plans are in PaperCraft Plans link and instructions are in instructables link. Thank you and I hope you do enjoy. Pictures for remaining to versions coming soon.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Version 2: L.Z. 300

Ladies and Gentlemen I give you the L.Z. 300 "Fast Attack Ship". After the Lydon and Ermonlin Empires Fought diligently with the L.Z. 200 both of their military saw the need for a faster more agile vessel.

It was soon before this that my Father (Henry J. Grindley), a new uprising researcher, scientist, and archeologist who found recent fame on his findings of a ancient race known as the Hakons, invented the vertical propeller. Plus the technology of the steam engines were becoming great with the advent of a new mysterious power known as electricity. Many in the Anat National University though my father was insane for going after the fabled cities of the Hakons and with his first expedition a failure he almost did. But with a tip from a strange man that the only thing he can recall was a three flame symbol on his wrist(This would later become the inspiration of the organization my father helps start, The Tri-Flame Order.) he was inspired for another venture.

Therefore we went off again and to his luck came back with amazing things such as the vertical propeller. It took a lot of work though to get it working due to the fact the plans were incomplete so he had to make it up for the most part. But alas eventually he came up with a working version.

Soon after the Lydon Empire approached my father with funding to make a propeller that could lift the L.Z. series airship. after a few years he managed to create it. Thus the Advent of the L.Z. 300.

I'm not too sure how but The Ermonlin spies managed to get there hands on it and a few years later they attached back with the L.Z. 300. Which once again cause the military to better this again with the L.Z. 400 ( Which I will be posting about next week.)

Prof. Philander Grindley signing out.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

LZ 200 Version 1 finals

Yes indeed fellow adventurers the final photographs of the first model of the L.Z. 200 are now available for your viewing pleasure. It was the first of its kind among the day as aerial battles were limited to bomb dropping Zephyr's. Later with the improvement of propellers devices and Zeppelins technology more weight could be supported by smaller vessels. The L.Z. 200 was the model that made it happen. With the state of the art light weight engines and new high
efficiency balloon it could do things in the air that no other could before.

The first battle of the skies over the rough pass of ocean between Lydon and Evermoon Isle advanced the war onward. The old fashioned giants of the past were no match for these smaller, more agile, deadlier ships.

However the Ermonlin Empire was able to capture a still intact L.Z.200 and released there own version. Which delayed the invasion of Ermonlin by Lydon. Thus started the every advancing of the L.Z. series even further. In which eventually led to the once again growth in size of the aerial attack ships to eventual giant flying fortresses. As well the infamous L.Z. 2000 which was the greatest vessel ever created. there was only one ever made and never lost a single battle in all its unnaturally long years of war. Yet that Ship and the unfortunate advancement in war is all that's to this now seemingly modest vessel.

Prof. Philander Grindley signing out.

P.S. versions 2 and 3 coming soon.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

LZ 200 Hull: Part II

Dear fellow Adventurers,

The hull of the L.Z. 200 has much more to it then first seen. Due to unforeseen circumstances we were not able to show you the finished design. in this rendition the ship has rope as well piping to the engine and exhaust.

As well the full placement of the the cannons on the vessel in the standard of the military ships.

Due to the location of where I post these aether net transmissions. the flag of the vessel is of the Lydon Empire.Even though they no longer produce them for new military assignment the factories still make the L.Z. 200 for local military police action. as well for the nomads across the Hakon Mountains.

This is Professor Philander Grindley Signing out.

P.S. final photos of finished vessel coming soon.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


The next phase of the construction of the LZ 200 is the choice and placement of the armaments for your warfare.

Were as navy vessels tend to have one repeating cannon and four standard cannon. the Pirate fare usually will only have the repeating cannon due to its nature to cause less damage but fire more rounds. the pirates usually have two cannons that fire more of a grappling hook type device for the boarding of ships.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Ship hull of the LZ 200 Steam Airship

The hull design of the LZ 200 was such a successfull creation that three models were made using this design. In fact most countries still use this time honored vessel. However, with the ever growing demand of faster, stronger, and even larger ships in the Lydon and Ermonlin Empires the LZ 200 is riding out its last days within their navys.

Still said the most of the world still uses it and those who captain the remaining ones never wish to transfer to newer technology. below are some shots of the standard vessels hull. more to come on the various parts and models.

about to start

So finally I have gotten started on building the mock up of my model and doing final testing on the various parts. I decided due to the quantity of pieces as well the various customization of the model I shall break it into parts. The first shall be the ships hull. Second will be the armaments. Third engines. Then finally flight devices.

Some of the custom parts are: 4 flags of various nations from my world (more to come, plus feel free to make your own). 2 Types of engines. 2 types of cannons. And 2 types of flying devices with 2 versions of the balloon method.

Sunday, March 22, 2009


This is the paper empire. dedicated to all things steampunk and papercraft. I am almost done with my first models so they should be up shortly with links for the pages to make them yourself if you feel so inclined.