Wednesday, August 31, 2011


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Ou-r ship crashed zzzzzzzzzzzzz and we ar zzzzzzzzz ad condition. request zzz help zzzzzzzzzzzzz

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Urgent News

Hello to all,

I am here with regretful news that my nephew and his crew has gonna missing. There has been no word of him since that last transmission and I haven't a clue of what his intended destination was. I will keep you posted if I here of anything and hopeful all will be well so that he and Kenta may continue to be a presence for good on and off this site. Thank you.

Prof. Philander signing out.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

My Beginnings as a Pirate PART II




Henry again.

As I was left off with the pocket watch of my father's given to me would lead to my privateer life. That year had another surprise, as my uncle would take me on my first field study to a remote and somewhat dangerous location, the lost Lylen temple of the Alta Mountains. This is where you could say my life took a turn.

The venture was no different then the others with the usual preparations of tools and equipment as well weather and region specific ones. We left early in the wet and soggy spring, since between the snow melt and spring rains does not make a pleasant time. The mountains still did have some coverage of snow due to the elevation so we were prepared for the snow. I am told that the mountain is especially cold due to something about air flow from the frozen lands or something to that effect. The climb and study of the temple was not all that unusual except for maybe the high amount of spirits wandering around the place. However, we were experiencing some very warm days and the snow was melting at a hazardous rate. On the third day it happened; the melt caused a avalanche consuming the temple and I was caught in its path unable to escape. My uncle tried for days to recover me but it was no use for the path of the snow reached an ravine with no practical way down. I know now and even then thought it but he was greatly distressed by the event calling off the venture and not joining one for quite some time after.

I woke in strange place miles away form the mountain to a nice family with a son named Fredrick. Completely normal family, nothing at all strange about them. The father worked the mines nearby and the mother cared for Fred. He was your average boy except his weight being on the portly side. Yet he had no care for venture, till say I came about. I knew I must make return to my city but the roads were impassible at this time. I still must try and so I did even though against Fred's wishes. There was something strange about him in this sense for when I made my escape from normality he followed by some sort of apparent friendship. I assumed he never had many or at friends so it would only be of sense he would latch on to one he gained. I let him follow for I did not think his desire would last long. Oh was I wrong.

We made our way as best we could but having no money or real baring of my intended path I made best to improvise my way. Having a good sense of direction and well with traveling that was not so much the difficult part yet money was and is the issue here. In order to get by and live on with this venture stealing became the only option since I had no time or purpose in permanent settlement. Fred did always try and make an honest living. Some how in the end I would be the one to support which came to no surprise.

Then we met the twins...



My Beginnings as a Pirate PART I




Henry here.

My ship is back to the skies and everything seems to be in top shape for the most part. Some of the repairs give me cause for concern but a life like this risk is very much a part. Now I do not remember where I left off or if it was even of any worth continuing so I shall start at the well named start.

I was born to a average family yet my fathers true trade was not known to me till only a few years ago. My mother stayed at home and took care of me the only child. My father was rarely home but would write as often as possible and I can remember or at least as far back as I could understand written word was nearly everyday a letter managed to find us from him. However, it was on my fourteenth year of life that the letters stops quickly and for good. It could not of happened at worse of a time yet being my mother had recently fallen gravely ill. Not long after did the fevers take her from me and in escaping the faith of an orphanage I was taken in my my uncle, Philander and his wife. I lived there for several years happy as a teen could be. I would even go with my uncle on many of the excerstions he would venture but none ever to dangerous.

Then on my seventeenth birthday my uncle gave me a present I would always treasure and eventually led to my career as a pirate. The pocket watch of my father.


Sorry must be off have a ship to run.


Friday, August 19, 2011

Agent 0 Reporting In

*Message encoded*

This is agent 0.

I am as you can say the fighting force of the Tri-Flame Order and servant of the mighty Saerine. Telling you such information is in no way a security breach as my enemies all ready know as much. However, there doesn't seem to be much I can really add to this little project or what now. I will bring postings from time to time I assume, but as far as the subject may be and how often is not in my mind nor am I to be bothered by it. I guess this is all for now. Perhaps in time my story will be told.

P.S. Saerine would like to make a formal greeting but my master is in a very tight spot as of now considering his delicate position. He does however hope to answer soon as he is more delighted in the acts of mortals then I.

*End of Message*

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Interesting News

Hello to all,

I came across some stories I heard and logged when in my wife's country all those years ago and find them quite interesting considering the supposed rumor of what happen to the once great private detective Jeremiah Baker. They all seem to have a similar figure involved in the plot causing the events to fold in one direction for the involved parties.

I plan on digging in for more research of the matter and to release these tales in the future upon the Aether Web.

Prof. Philander signing out.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Kenta Reporting In

*Status: good*
*Line: clear*
*Start Transmission*


I am Kenta son of akio, member of the pirate crew under Henry J. Grindley and the Tri-Flame Order. I am a Lylen from the lost continent who came to the surface in search of rune stone fragments in order to destroy them. Their power has all but been corrupted except for maybe a handful included the one Henry has. It was not much of a problem for many years since the runes where large and no human could get even near, let alone find them. Yet, someone or something discovered how to get close and caused them to explode. I am not sure of how this happened as I intend to investigate it as well.

I am from a noble family but far from the throne of the king. I come from the country of Katashi in the south of my lands. My father Akio is the governing hand of the country as my family has been for generations. I am the third son so as being far from taking over any political position I was sent on this mission for my people.

I can talk freely now as I am away from the pirate crew who still appears to be stuck on the ground. I am heading to the Alta mountains in search of the Lylen temple, one of the resting places of the Lylen runes. I hope some light will be shined on what the cause was in this tragedy. It is a nice little town I stay and send this message in within Sae Jirra of the Yosai called Pinancha.

Have a pleasant and wonderful day

*End Transmission*

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Henry Reporting In

*Status: good*
*Line: clear*
*Start Transmission*

This is Henry nephew of the Professor. My ship is currently down needing some heavy repairs and it seems a safe enough place to connect to the Aether tubes for a bit of an introduction. However, if i do cut out its cause of an emergency.

I am Henry J. Grindley III son of Henry J. Grindley II of course. Like my father I am a pirate yet it was not my original intent. Due to some unintentional circumstances I happened upon my father's infamous vessel which was created by my grandfather and well one thing left for the next. finding out the horrors hidden to the people by our governments I joined my uncle in the Order to defend against such evil, as well I have made some enemies with real pirates namely Thaddeus "Iron Heart" Cadwell.

I happened upon my crew as well as it seems to be my luck and faith in life when I was lost to my uncle in a expedition in the Alta Mountains. as well coming head to head with Lorraine and Kenta in a bit of rivalry but friendly all around. Hold on. A patrol is nearing, must be off.

*End Transmission*

Friday, August 12, 2011

Philander Reporting in

Hello to all,

I am delighted to welcome my friends to this blog as they can be seen within the Inner Circle panel and I will like to invite them to give a bit of an introduction as well I feel I should as well since I never really went to far into my own self. Oh and don't you worry the original intent of the blog has not been forgotten as I am working on another ship as we speak. I just happen to have a bit of trouble with constructing the fuselage due to only bits of pieces of the technical drawings are still readable.

I am as you know Prof. Philander T. Grindley, and my primary occupation is teaching architectural and technical anthropology at the University of Anat. Another words the history and effect on culture and civilization from this technological age. I have been a professor there for a good 12 years after studying in the wilds for 4 years prior. I am also an alum from such college. My field study was mostly in the northern lands of Aluniia which is where I met my beautiful wife MiYoung of the Yosai people. We have been married since then but had not the chance or capability of producing children. No worries as we tend to travel often and I do not wish to dampen my wife adventurous spirit with the burdens of child care.

I am a member of the Tri-Flame Order in which was formed by my father Henry who my lost brother and his son are named after. In fact the son will be one of the joining members of this venture. After my fathers death I took up the leadership of the organization which has seen much change not by our fault but the world that changes without anyone's consent. This order still a beacon of light in the often dark world is now more involved with offensive manners with the return of Saerine and Agent 0. that is however another story for another time.

I would just like to finish off with a warning to all. Beware, demons are no longer monsters in children's tales.

Expanding of The Paper Empire

Hello to all,

I have decided since my current dealings with pirates of blood acquaintance and otherwise plus the growing concerns of war among the empires plus various other finds on my journeys across the world, that the blog shall be expanded to more then the recreation of various ships and to stories and personal accounts during these trying times.

I will also be at times when possible joined by my nephew and pirate Henry along with his mate and Lylen survivor, Kenta. Plus as a special treat but of course exceptional rare to have join us from the Tri-Flame Order, Agent 0 and his master Saerine.