Thursday, July 23, 2009

LZ 200 Hull: Part II

Dear fellow Adventurers,

The hull of the L.Z. 200 has much more to it then first seen. Due to unforeseen circumstances we were not able to show you the finished design. in this rendition the ship has rope as well piping to the engine and exhaust.

As well the full placement of the the cannons on the vessel in the standard of the military ships.

Due to the location of where I post these aether net transmissions. the flag of the vessel is of the Lydon Empire.Even though they no longer produce them for new military assignment the factories still make the L.Z. 200 for local military police action. as well for the nomads across the Hakon Mountains.

This is Professor Philander Grindley Signing out.

P.S. final photos of finished vessel coming soon.

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