Tuesday, July 28, 2009

LZ 200 Version 1 finals

Yes indeed fellow adventurers the final photographs of the first model of the L.Z. 200 are now available for your viewing pleasure. It was the first of its kind among the day as aerial battles were limited to bomb dropping Zephyr's. Later with the improvement of propellers devices and Zeppelins technology more weight could be supported by smaller vessels. The L.Z. 200 was the model that made it happen. With the state of the art light weight engines and new high
efficiency balloon it could do things in the air that no other could before.

The first battle of the skies over the rough pass of ocean between Lydon and Evermoon Isle advanced the war onward. The old fashioned giants of the past were no match for these smaller, more agile, deadlier ships.

However the Ermonlin Empire was able to capture a still intact L.Z.200 and released there own version. Which delayed the invasion of Ermonlin by Lydon. Thus started the every advancing of the L.Z. series even further. In which eventually led to the once again growth in size of the aerial attack ships to eventual giant flying fortresses. As well the infamous L.Z. 2000 which was the greatest vessel ever created. there was only one ever made and never lost a single battle in all its unnaturally long years of war. Yet that Ship and the unfortunate advancement in war is all that's to this now seemingly modest vessel.

Prof. Philander Grindley signing out.

P.S. versions 2 and 3 coming soon.

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