Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Version 3: L.Z. 400

The L.Z. 400. After the Introduction to the battlefield of the skies of the L.Z. 300 "Fast attack" vessel it was seen the need for a longer distance vessel. It was short lived as the Battles between Lydon and Ermonlin Empires were mostly over open ocean and there was not much for landing sites for the 300 model.

Soon after both sides saw this need and added on the bottom of the 300 two balloons. they moved the engines out towards the wings of the balloons. It was dubbed the L.Z. 400. It was introduced into the battles that stared over the lands to the north. The first country to feel the pain of there ever struggle was Bu-gu-nan (Which is were my wife comes from.).

The battles continued over to the west to the small cluster of Northern Countries. Due to the threat of the imperial conquest the main countries Bu-gu-nan, Dai-chi-ya, Ulling, Yosai, Mongkuya, and Kunkin formed an alliance against the foreign threat. The war continued to spread further into the world. Which started to advent of larger more destructive vessel.

Prof. Philander Grindley signing out.

P.S. coming soon the LZ 500 "Advent of the Aerial Destroyers"

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