Sunday, September 13, 2009

L.Z. 500 "Advent of the Aerial Destroyers"

Dear fellow Adventurers,

I am sorry for the delay in my posting of the final vessel of the L.Z. 100 series. I finally gathered my notes and images so that I may post them for you delight.

The L.Z. 500. It was considered a insane vessel when it first came out of the factories. No one thought it would even fly. It was a massive undertaking by the Lydon Army. With six standard cannons, one repeating cannon, and two of the new turret cannons it was a vessel armed to the teeth. As well it had armor plating to protect the gunners.

It did fly and it flew very well. It was as if someone took a fortress and had it float in the skies. However it was not completely a success in the battlefield. The L.Z. 500 was slow, very slow. It required a lot of support from neighboring vessels. the Lydon military was just not prepared for the new kind of strategy this airship required.

Of course this did not end ever expansion of large aerial destroyers. The in 1000 series(My fathers greatest and final military achievement.) the military was much better prepared and a new type of flying machine made it easier to defend the slow moving destroyers. This was the marvel known as the Fixed wing airship or for a better term the areoplane. But thanks to the L.Z. 500 the military and inventors were able to catch their follies in military might early.

Prof. Philander Grindley signing out.

P.S. I will now start my research on the areoplane. So see you in a few months.

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pandm101 said...

Excellent models, absolutely the best steampunk ones I have ever seen. As soon as I sort out a paypal, I plan to get a few or your high rez plans. :)