Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Crew's Return

*Message encoded*

Hello this is Kenta.
I would just like the report from the crew that we are all safe and have returned to the ship. our comms are back online as you can plainly tell yet we still cannot send communication on an instant basis as this message will surely be a couple of days old upon receiving.

I would like to go into some detail of the evens that had occurred. Our ship apparently gains most of its technology from the race known as Hakons, and stop right there if you think me some fairy tale spewing fool, they are infact a real race and did as well have a massive empire on these lands thousands of years ago. it appears there are some who had managed to make return upon our soil of Aliyahmas. I not sure how as the skies of your civilization is flooded with crafts but then again the Hakons possess technology many years beyond your highest. It is of course all lost to me details of that sort. however, back to point, some managed to make land and coming upon our ship struck out in rage against us for the as they said bastardization of their glorious technology. The Hakons were weak in their attack due to the type of travel they made and we were easily able to subdue them. Agent 0 has taken them back to the main headquarters of the Tri-Flame Order for further understanding but I believe Saerine may know a bit more of what is happening here.

I have been noticing some strange things happening of late. The world is turning in such a strange way. the essence feels corrupted in some way and creatures known as demon kin (as we know usually harmless and small in numbers) are on the rise and become more of the threat. Plus making matters worse some ancient evils are said to be appearing from the darkness again, even though this is mere rumor. I will have more my findings of this upon a later date. This should be fine for now. Thank you.

*End of Message*

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