Monday, September 26, 2011

Dangerous Encounter

*Message encoded*

Henry Here.
I Like to say I am glad to be back on here and our systems are back in full swing. I would like to finish my story but I am afraid pressing matters are upon us of more importance. We set down in the  on what should of been the safe side of the Alta Mountains but that miscalculation that anyone would of made was dead wrong and nearly cause of our death. The seedurns common among the mountain range and surrounding areas are restless and changed. They feel and act possessed and attack without care or though of themselves. I obtained an injury from this attack as did the twins but luckily we were able to repel their advances fighting them off killing a few. the wounds are not great but I am afraid Aaron will not walk for a while. Kenta grabbed one of the fallen seedurns and as best he could examined the creature. Physically is seemed normal at least on the surface. However, There was a faint glow to its skin almost purple in tint. This was quite shocking to me as I have heard of such a thing before but to my mind I cannot recall. Still this incident plus the previous Hakon one with the addition of Saerine (Breaking his wall of silence to warn of coming events which is scary in itself) I feel something horrible is on the horizon.
If any have news on information of this acurrance in its meaning and cause please do not hesitate to answer. Thank you.

That is all for now.

*Message End*

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