Wednesday, August 24, 2011

My Beginnings as a Pirate PART II




Henry again.

As I was left off with the pocket watch of my father's given to me would lead to my privateer life. That year had another surprise, as my uncle would take me on my first field study to a remote and somewhat dangerous location, the lost Lylen temple of the Alta Mountains. This is where you could say my life took a turn.

The venture was no different then the others with the usual preparations of tools and equipment as well weather and region specific ones. We left early in the wet and soggy spring, since between the snow melt and spring rains does not make a pleasant time. The mountains still did have some coverage of snow due to the elevation so we were prepared for the snow. I am told that the mountain is especially cold due to something about air flow from the frozen lands or something to that effect. The climb and study of the temple was not all that unusual except for maybe the high amount of spirits wandering around the place. However, we were experiencing some very warm days and the snow was melting at a hazardous rate. On the third day it happened; the melt caused a avalanche consuming the temple and I was caught in its path unable to escape. My uncle tried for days to recover me but it was no use for the path of the snow reached an ravine with no practical way down. I know now and even then thought it but he was greatly distressed by the event calling off the venture and not joining one for quite some time after.

I woke in strange place miles away form the mountain to a nice family with a son named Fredrick. Completely normal family, nothing at all strange about them. The father worked the mines nearby and the mother cared for Fred. He was your average boy except his weight being on the portly side. Yet he had no care for venture, till say I came about. I knew I must make return to my city but the roads were impassible at this time. I still must try and so I did even though against Fred's wishes. There was something strange about him in this sense for when I made my escape from normality he followed by some sort of apparent friendship. I assumed he never had many or at friends so it would only be of sense he would latch on to one he gained. I let him follow for I did not think his desire would last long. Oh was I wrong.

We made our way as best we could but having no money or real baring of my intended path I made best to improvise my way. Having a good sense of direction and well with traveling that was not so much the difficult part yet money was and is the issue here. In order to get by and live on with this venture stealing became the only option since I had no time or purpose in permanent settlement. Fred did always try and make an honest living. Some how in the end I would be the one to support which came to no surprise.

Then we met the twins...



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