Monday, August 15, 2011

Kenta Reporting In

*Status: good*
*Line: clear*
*Start Transmission*


I am Kenta son of akio, member of the pirate crew under Henry J. Grindley and the Tri-Flame Order. I am a Lylen from the lost continent who came to the surface in search of rune stone fragments in order to destroy them. Their power has all but been corrupted except for maybe a handful included the one Henry has. It was not much of a problem for many years since the runes where large and no human could get even near, let alone find them. Yet, someone or something discovered how to get close and caused them to explode. I am not sure of how this happened as I intend to investigate it as well.

I am from a noble family but far from the throne of the king. I come from the country of Katashi in the south of my lands. My father Akio is the governing hand of the country as my family has been for generations. I am the third son so as being far from taking over any political position I was sent on this mission for my people.

I can talk freely now as I am away from the pirate crew who still appears to be stuck on the ground. I am heading to the Alta mountains in search of the Lylen temple, one of the resting places of the Lylen runes. I hope some light will be shined on what the cause was in this tragedy. It is a nice little town I stay and send this message in within Sae Jirra of the Yosai called Pinancha.

Have a pleasant and wonderful day

*End Transmission*

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