Saturday, August 13, 2011

Henry Reporting In

*Status: good*
*Line: clear*
*Start Transmission*

This is Henry nephew of the Professor. My ship is currently down needing some heavy repairs and it seems a safe enough place to connect to the Aether tubes for a bit of an introduction. However, if i do cut out its cause of an emergency.

I am Henry J. Grindley III son of Henry J. Grindley II of course. Like my father I am a pirate yet it was not my original intent. Due to some unintentional circumstances I happened upon my father's infamous vessel which was created by my grandfather and well one thing left for the next. finding out the horrors hidden to the people by our governments I joined my uncle in the Order to defend against such evil, as well I have made some enemies with real pirates namely Thaddeus "Iron Heart" Cadwell.

I happened upon my crew as well as it seems to be my luck and faith in life when I was lost to my uncle in a expedition in the Alta Mountains. as well coming head to head with Lorraine and Kenta in a bit of rivalry but friendly all around. Hold on. A patrol is nearing, must be off.

*End Transmission*

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