Friday, August 12, 2011

Philander Reporting in

Hello to all,

I am delighted to welcome my friends to this blog as they can be seen within the Inner Circle panel and I will like to invite them to give a bit of an introduction as well I feel I should as well since I never really went to far into my own self. Oh and don't you worry the original intent of the blog has not been forgotten as I am working on another ship as we speak. I just happen to have a bit of trouble with constructing the fuselage due to only bits of pieces of the technical drawings are still readable.

I am as you know Prof. Philander T. Grindley, and my primary occupation is teaching architectural and technical anthropology at the University of Anat. Another words the history and effect on culture and civilization from this technological age. I have been a professor there for a good 12 years after studying in the wilds for 4 years prior. I am also an alum from such college. My field study was mostly in the northern lands of Aluniia which is where I met my beautiful wife MiYoung of the Yosai people. We have been married since then but had not the chance or capability of producing children. No worries as we tend to travel often and I do not wish to dampen my wife adventurous spirit with the burdens of child care.

I am a member of the Tri-Flame Order in which was formed by my father Henry who my lost brother and his son are named after. In fact the son will be one of the joining members of this venture. After my fathers death I took up the leadership of the organization which has seen much change not by our fault but the world that changes without anyone's consent. This order still a beacon of light in the often dark world is now more involved with offensive manners with the return of Saerine and Agent 0. that is however another story for another time.

I would just like to finish off with a warning to all. Beware, demons are no longer monsters in children's tales.

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