Wednesday, August 24, 2011

My Beginnings as a Pirate PART I




Henry here.

My ship is back to the skies and everything seems to be in top shape for the most part. Some of the repairs give me cause for concern but a life like this risk is very much a part. Now I do not remember where I left off or if it was even of any worth continuing so I shall start at the well named start.

I was born to a average family yet my fathers true trade was not known to me till only a few years ago. My mother stayed at home and took care of me the only child. My father was rarely home but would write as often as possible and I can remember or at least as far back as I could understand written word was nearly everyday a letter managed to find us from him. However, it was on my fourteenth year of life that the letters stops quickly and for good. It could not of happened at worse of a time yet being my mother had recently fallen gravely ill. Not long after did the fevers take her from me and in escaping the faith of an orphanage I was taken in my my uncle, Philander and his wife. I lived there for several years happy as a teen could be. I would even go with my uncle on many of the excerstions he would venture but none ever to dangerous.

Then on my seventeenth birthday my uncle gave me a present I would always treasure and eventually led to my career as a pirate. The pocket watch of my father.


Sorry must be off have a ship to run.


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